With over six years of experience in architectural design practices and both the Bachelors and Master degrees in Architecture, I have exceptional skills and experience in planning, detailing, designing and coordinating projects from small scale residential to large scale commercial. My excellent communication (both verbally and visually), public relations, problem-solving and leadership skills make me a highly valuable employee and team leader.

My experience in architectural design ranges from commercial, residential, infrastructure and cultural / entertainment and public projects. I am also knowledgeable in environmentally sustainable design techniques, applications, and construction codes.

My experience and skills in BIM (Building Information Modeling), including teaching key aspects of BIM to university students and within an office situation make me a valuable team member, particularly if the practice has a focus in building information modelling and advancing architectural technologies.



Name: Miss Dena M. Hamed

Nationality: US-Australian multinational. Legal working and living status in both the USA and Australia.



T: Available upon email request

A: Available upon email request