Pretzel Rocker

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Project Name: Pretzel Rocker
Designed By: Dena Hamed
Product Type: Outdoor furniture
Location: N/A
Stage: Concept / Competition
Budget: N/A
Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Designer

The ‘Pretzel Rocker’ was my submission for the 2014, ‘HOK Product Design Competition’. It consists of a series of ‘pretzel’ shaped profiles that control the length of the lounge – from a single seat to multiple. The profiles are threaded and supported through a stainless steel support tube.

The ‘Pretzel Rocker’ can come in a multitude of materials, colors & finishes. It is mostly expected to be used as outdoor furniture for hotels & motels but can be purchased for individual, residential use. It is also suitable for indoor use if desired.

It’s ease of manufacturing inherently means it will be lower in cost than most lounge rockers currently in the market – so can be utilized for projects with restrictive budgets. The concept for the repetitive profile also opens it up to a possible suite of products. For example, a footstool composed of smooth, square profiles that can be extended to be a coffee table. Because the rocker’s finishes can be customized, it can blend in with virtually any sort of architecture and landscape. Whether it’s a high end, clean and modern aesthetic or  a cozy homestead.

In order to allow for an array of multiple design styles for the client to choose from, 3 base materials are expected to be used;

– Bent plywood for the timber option
– Stainless steel
– Or fiberglass that can be sprayed with any color the client requests.

There is also an option to add upholstery to any of the material frames. All three materials are robust enough for outdoor use and can sustain a long lifespan.

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