(PARK)ing Day

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Project Name: (PARK)ing Day – Balloons @ Bligh
Designed By: Architectus
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Stage: N/A
Budget: $300
Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Design & construction

(PARK)ing Day is an open source experiment in spatial remixing created by independently operated groups around the globe. Architectus, Sydney participated for the first time in 2012, and quite literally had a ‘balloon’ of a time.

The Sydney studio designed and documented a wave formation of balloons, and selected a car park in front of Number 1 Bligh Street to capture the public using vibrant color. Overnight, the Martin Place meeting room within the Sydney studio was transformed into a sea of colored helium balloons. A highly coordinated team employed guerrilla-style tactics to locate, maintain and secure a parking space for the day’s installation.

As long as the parking meter didn’t run out, the balloons provided photo opportunities for all, attracting construction workers, tourists, children, and parking officers. Furniture from the Architectus office – borrowed to accompany the scheme, provide coordinated seating among the balloons. “Balloons @ Bligh” gave back to the city one parking space where people could informally interact. This playful and interactive installation helped to raise awareness of the limited space we have in cities, and how these spaces can be used by people for higher quality community engagement.  A big thank you to those involved in making the day memorable!

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  • Date: 2012
  • Client: Architectus
  • Filed under: Volunteering & Charity