‘Lego’-Sea Sandcastle

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Project Name: ‘Lego-Sea’, as a competitor in the ‘Heal the Bay’ sandcastle competition. Winner of ‘Closest to Theme Award’
Designed By: HOK, Los Angeles
Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA
Stage: Complete
Budget: $500
Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Initial modelling and design with Revit
  • Construction team member

This year’s theme is “Leaving a LegaSEA.”   All designs must use only sand and water and be finished within a strict four-hour schedule.  The team spent a month designing, planning and testing…not too far from our normal process.  This time, however, with the design team also responsible for construction of the design; the stakes were raised.  Luckily, some tricks of the trade have been passed along from the 2001 team.  With shovels, forms, tampers, and gusto the team had a test-run last weekend to test the design.

The end result was a design that embedded recent pop culture into the context of the event and cause via a fun play on the words of the year’s theme of “Leaving a legacy” to “LegoSea.” Although we won the top prize for the competition, the greater satisfaction came from hearing the excited shouts of joy from all ages from within the crowds as they discovered our sculpture.

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HOK Life

  • Date: 2014
  • Client: Heal the Bay - Santa Monica
  • Filed under: Volunteering & Charity